K1 Visa – Should I get an Immigration Lawyer?

Recently I have noticed a lot of people wondering if they need to hire an Immigration Lawyer to do the K-1 Process. I have decided to post a response to this question.

     First I will address the question of getting an Immigration attorney. The answer is No you don’t HAVE to get one. The K1 process is pretty straight forward as long as you are open, and honest with your answers. A Lawyer will cost you thousands of dollars you don’t have to spend in order to get the Visa. A Service like ours at K1 Visa Guru will only cost you 299.00, and we will do everything a lawyer will do to submit your petition.

What K1 Visa Guru Will Do For You!

     We will work with your through the entire process from filling out the documents, ensuring you have the right, and most accurate proof of relationship so you won’t have to get a “Request For Evidence” (RFE) to provide more documentation. After you have passed the first process from the USCIS, you next step is the National Visa Center (NVC).

What to Expect At The NVC

     At the NVC they will prepare all your documents to be sent over to the Embassy/Consulate you have chosen to have your Fiance(e) go for their interview. This process will only take 30 days. At this point you will not get any more notices in regards to your petition. After they receive your petition they will do another background check, and then send your petition off.
From this point on the only notices will be going to your Fiance(e). They will get an email from the Embassy/Consulate instructing them step by step what they need to do prior to their interview, and also where to register for their interview. Don’t worry if you log on and they have interviews available. Keep Checking. Any day it can be updated so check frequently.


What Happens When it Goes to The Embassy

     Once it gets to the Embassy/Consulate we will help you keep track of everything you need to get for your interview. We will also talk with you about what to expect in the interview, and we will give you interview questions to help you practice with your Fiance(e). We are not done until you pass, and are ready to pack your bags to come to America.
Even after we will be here if you have any questions about the process once you get here. It can be very confusing, stressful. With a lot of communication, love, and patience you will make it work out.

When Should I get an Immigration Lawyer?

     The only time I would recommend you get a lawyer is if you fail the K-1 process, and still fail the appeal then would be a good time to get a lawyer. Also if you have anything in your background no matter how small you think it might be you need to be honest about it because it may show up in your background check. So be honest with what you are putting on your documents. It might be wise to even include in your proof a letter outlining any little detail you think is of importance so they know ahead of time, and they have it in writing in your own words what the situation was. It looks better if you tell them ahead of time rather than them find out, and it looks like you were hiding something. If you have a criminal background that might cause you to be denied it might be a good idea to get a lawyer. It doesn’t hurt to have a lawyer handy, and pay for us to do you documents. This way if you need the lawyer he is at the ready when the time comes.

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