K1 Visa Evidence – Proof of Legit Relationship

You are working yourself up to begin the Petition of a Lifetime. You have completed your I-129f Petition for Alien Fiance(e) Visa. Now the real work comes into play. Gathering up all the evidence you need to prove that you and your fiance have a really loving relationship is now the task at hand. This is the part where you need the evidence to show you have a legitimate relationship with each other.

Why Do I Need Proof?

Just like in a court of law the burden of proof is what is important. Just like a lawyer has to prove guilt or innocence. You must provide the proof of a legitimate relationship. The U.S. Government wants to make sure you have the financial means to have your future bride when they come here to live without the need of Government financial assistance.

You must also prove that you have met your fiance in person. To obtain a K1 Visa you have to have met in person at least once within a 2-year period. The petition will most likely be denied if you do not meet in person. Many people ask if there is an exception to this rule. Some cultures forbid the couple to meet in person until the wedding. This is still in practice in many cultures, but it is one that is becoming rare as countries become more modern. With your petition you can submit a waiver if the culture forbids the meeting in person. The problem with this is that you have to submit a lot of documentation to prove that the meeting is impossible due to religious or cultural reasons. It is possible to get the rule waived, but very rare. Don’t be surprised if it is denied.

You have to understand that the reason you need to prove a legitimate relationship is because the laws are to prevent adults getting married to children, human trafficking for illegal purposes, and marriage for financial gain to provide a green card. Illegal activity will be caught, and the fines, and jail time are not worth it.

How Much Proof Do I Need?

How much evidence do I need to prove my relationship is legitimate? My advice is put as much as you can. You can never over do it when it comes to proving you case. This is the rest of your life we are talking about, and if you don’t provide enough evidence they will send you a Request For Evidence (RFE) to have you send in what they are requesting to see. It is not a bad thing to get an RFE, what if you do get one it causes your petition to be prolonged for an unspecified amount of time. The goal is to submit enough evidence the first time so they don’t have to request any more saving you plenty of time, and worry because you haven’t heard anything new on your petition. Remember we are only human. It is possible to miss something with the initial petition when you mail it. This is why it is very important to be extremely organized with your petition before sending it in. It is always a good idea to have someone experience to look over your petition before mailing it in to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

You don’t have to hire a lawyer to do your petition for you. That can get very expensive, and can prolong your petition as well. The Best practice is to have someone look over your petition. K1 Visa Guru would love to look over your petition, and evidence, before submitting it to be processed. There are several websites out there that will verify your petitions for a fee. Don’t want to complete don’t want to complete your petition yourself check out our packages on our website so we can assist you with this submitting your petition.

List of Documents

What documents must you submit along with your petition. Most of what you will submit will be things like photos, phone/chat records, letters, airline stubs, and much more. Here is a list of what you can include with your petition:

  • Photos – On average you wanna send 10-20 photos. Make sure what you send in is a variety. Photos should include you and your fiance together, you with your fiance(e)’s family, friends, and their children if they have kids. Photos should include your fiance(e) doing video chat with your family and children. Did you take a trip with your fiance? Make sure to include those photos as well. They encourage you both to spend quality time together as a couple. The best photos you can submit are the photos that include each others family and friends. This will show them that the families are accepting of the relationship.
  • Letter of Intent – The Letter of Intent is a short letter that says you both agree to marry within 90 days of arrival in the United States. I have provided a sample Letter of Intent on our website. You must submit 2 copies of this document. One must be sign by the Petitioner, and the other signed by the Beneficiary. They can not be copies. It must have an original signature by both of you when you submit the petition.
  • Evidence of Travel – This is important. Technology has advanced in a way you can photo shop pictures to look completely real. So providing copies of your airline stub, hotel receipts, meal receipts, and any shopping receipts will help put the picture together for the person looking over your petition. If your fiance(e) has ever visited the United States, and they have a previous passport stamp, travel visa, or expired i-94 you can submit those as evidence as well.
  • Phone/Chat Records – When submitting your conversation records it is important to know that you do not have to submit every page. The person looking over your petition doesn’t want to sift through 5000 pages of chat records to see what your were talking about. Send in little snippets of chat. Start from the beginning when your first started talking. If you met on a dating site you can add the initial email your sent to your fiance(e), and what their response was. This will be the very start to your relationship. From this point on your will want to give a chat history giving the timeline from when you started talking, when you decided to become a couple, when you decided to get married, and the current conversation. They want to make sure you ware talking regularly, and that it was a mutual decision to get married. This is a good time to take screen shots as well of your video chat so you can include the pictures of you both doing video chat, and also if you both include your family/children within your video chat sessions.
  • Proof of Citizenship – Petitioner must submit their Birth Certificate/U.S. Passport/Citizenship documentation to prove you are eligible to petition for the K1 Visa.
  • Letter of Explanation of Meeting in Person – This is a short essay style paper written by the Petitioner to outline how you both met, and what you did when you met in person. This doesn’t have to be long. I would say type out a separate paper to include within your petition. This is your way to present the story of your relationship to the person reviewing your petition.
  • Passport Photos – You must submit (2) passport photos or the Petitioner, and (2) passport photos of the Beneficiary. One of the requirements must be legal 2×2 photos with white background. Check with the passport photo site for details.
  • Eligibility to Marry – Don’t want to complete have ever been married in the past you will have to proof that you can legally get married. You must submit a copy of your divorce decree from a court of law. If your previous spouse is deceased you must present a death certificate as evidence.
  • I-129f Petition Cover Letter – This cover letter is the outline of what you are including within your petition. I have place a sample letter on our website to give you a layout of what the letter should include.

Organization of Documents Is A Must

Before sending off your submission make sure you have it organized so the person looking over your petition doesn’t have a lot of loose papers. Try to use Paper clamps to hold large stacks of documents together. Place pictures within a plastic baggie to keep them together. Try to organize the petition in the layout of your cover letter so they can follow step by step how you have your petition laid out.

On all your photos make sure you put names, dates, places to coincide with what the reviewer is looking at. One of the requirements whole point to your petition is to tell your love story from start to finish, and make it easy for whoever is looking over you petition to follow the timeline of love.

Don’t forget to submit you payment for your petition. This sometimes gets overlooked. Don’t worry if you forgot to put your check, money order, or credit card authorization document with your petition. They will send your petition back to you with a letter detailing what it was you are missing. Simply fix the issue, and mail the petition back to USCIS.

Looks Like A Perfect Petition

Looks like you have completed your petition, and your ready to mail it in. Make sure to mail the petition to the right address. Don’t want to complete are using USPS you will mail it to the Lockbox Address. Don’t want to complete use are using Express Delivery or a Courier Service you will want to send it to the Lewisville, Texas Address. You can find the correct addresses to submit to here.

USCIS will take approximately 30 days to accept your payment, and begin to process your petition. Completion of payment you will be mailed the Notice of Action 1 (NOA1) advising you that your petition is under review. This is very exciting! Be patient it will take time before you will receive any new communication. You will either get an RFE if they require more documentation, or after the review process is done you will receive your NOA2 that your petition has been completed. NOA2 will either advise you the petition was denied or that the petition has been sent to the National Visa Center (NVC) where it will be processed for 30 days. You will not get any new communication. Thirty days after it arrives at NVC it will be sent to the Embassy/Consulate which you chose on your petition. One of the requirements beneficiary will then receive an email to give them the next step. The job for the Petitioner is done. Now you must support your beneficiary on the next part of the journey.

We are cheering your on during this process, and would love to hear your stories of success, and would love to have your submit your photo’s for our photo page. Email your photos to photos@k1visaguru.com

Please leave your comments/questions here at the bottom of the page. We will love to hear your stories or answer your questions.  We would love for you to use the social media buttons to share with your friends or others you think our content will help. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site, we hope our content has helped you. If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover we would love to cover the topic in a future blog post here at K1 Visa Guru.

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Juma John Jongu
May 24, 2020 12:10 am

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May 24, 2020 2:07 pm

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May 24, 2020 1:57 pm

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May 24, 2020 8:05 pm

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