Common K1 Visa Questions – Staying Calm Works

One of the main components of your K1 Visa is the Interview Stage. It is vital that you are prepared for this step in the petition because this is a Pass/Fail. There are many common K1 Visa questions that they ask during the interview. We will get into those shortly. When going into the interview itself it is best to be calm, confident, and organized. Being organized is important, because throughout the process things can easily get lost. You never know they might lose your divorce decree, but being organized you will have another one handy that you can pull right out for them to look at if they need it. Don’t get yourself worked up over the questions. You won’t fail if you don’t know everything.

Remain Calm – Don’t Be Nervous

This interview is one of the most important interviews of your life. Remain Calm! Easier said than done right. Well if you are calm, and don’t act nervous it will go a long way with the person sitting across from you asking you the questions. They are a person just like you, and they know that you are nervous. The interviewer isn’t there to trick you, or do everything in their power to make you fail. They are actually there to make sure that your relationship is legit. The K-1 Visa is one of the most abused Visa’s. Many countries have women wanting to get out of their home countries because of poverty, crime, and sickness. The interview process is used to make sure that you and your fiance(e) are in a real loving relationship.

So when you go to your interview here are some key things to have a successful interview:

  • Dress Professional – This will make the interviewer know you are serious about the petition.
  • Be Organized – Take the time to have all your documents organized along with your copy of the original petition, all your documents you obtained like your medical exam, police background checks, translated documents, and all your recent photos you have gathered since you sent in your initial petition.
  • Be Confident – Confidence is important. This shows the person doing your interview that you have taken the time to get to know your fiance(e) during the time you have been waiting for this moment. Don’t worry if you don’t know an answer to a question. Just be honest that you don’t know, and tell them that you would love to find that answer out to that question.
  • Be Honest – When doing these interviews it is important to be honest. From day one the United States Government has does it’s homework. If you lie they will probably already know the answer, and will deny your petition. It is important to tell the truth way before the interview because they will find it.
  • Don’t Over Think Things – Don’t over think the process. Just do your best to prepare. Take the time to go over practice questions with your fiance(e). This will boost confidence during the interview for the questions they do ask. Don’t read into the YouTube video’s, or blog posts you read. These are experiences they may have had, but not every interview is the same.

What to Expect – K1 Interview Day Has Arrived

INTERVIEW DAY HAS ARRIVED! WooHoo! You are dressed in your Sunday best. You have gone over the interview questions a thousand times with your fiance(e). You have everything neat and organized. Now what? Well this is the one moment in your life where it will count so be on your toes. Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your interview time. You don’t want to get there at your scheduled time in the event you have to wait in line at the Embassy/Consulate Office. The worst thing you can do is arrive late for your interview.

Now that you have made it through the initial process when you arrived you will do more waiting. When they are ready for you they will call you for your interview. The great thing about this part is that they will ask you if you can speak English. If you can then you can answer in English. They will have an interpreter in the room with you throughout the interview. You are allowed to do the interview in your native language, but it looks really good if you do it in English, but remember it is not necessary. It is your choice what language you want to do the interview in. The person conducting your interview will only ask questions in English. The nice thing is that the interpreter is there to ask the questions in your native language, and explain the question to you if you don’t understand. Just remember to answer the questions honestly.


Actual K1 Interview – What Will They Ask?

You are sitting in front of the person who is going to interview you. What is going through your mind? You are probably wondering “What will he ask me?” Well that is exactly what you expect someone to be thinking. So here are a few common questions that you will encounter during your interview:

  • What is your fiance’s birthday?
  • Where does your Fiance live?
  • How did you meet your fiance?
  • What is your fiance’s name?
  • Does your fiance have any children/siblings?

Sometimes the interview takes a different turn, and very uncommon questions come out. This is a very rare situation, but it does happen. The strange questions come out when the interviewer has suspicions that the relationship is not legit. Sometimes they will as questions like:

  • What type of underwear does your fiance wear?
  • What is your fiance’s favorite Cologne/perfume?
  • What is their favorite song?
  • What is their pet’s name?

These seem strange, and they truly are strange. 99% of the time those types of questions will not be asked at all. Remember they are not concerned about what your fiance wears under their clothing, but more concerned about how you met your fiance, their family background, career, and what your plans for the future will be. See if you have no plans for the future that could be a red flag to the interviewer. Remember the interview is the Most important part of the entire K1 Visa process.

What to focus on for the K1 Interview

The key is to be genuine, honest, and confident in your interview. You don’t want to sound like you memorized, or rehearsed your answers. When you are answering the questions you want to make it seem like you have known your fiance for years. You want to make your fiance out to be your best friend since kindergarten. There is no reason to have a list of 1000 questions to memorize going into the interview. This is not going to help you. You will get very frustrated, and information overload will occur. Don’t overthink this. Really there are about 5 things you need to really focus on for your interview:

  1. Fiance’s Marital Status – Were they ever married before?
  2. The Petitioner’s Family – Do they have children? Names of their parents?
  3. Fiance’s Background – What is their career? Did they serve in the military? Their Hobbies
  4. YOU! – They want to know about you, and why you want to move to the US
  5. Most important of all Your relationship with the Petitioner, and your future plans

Don’t sweat it you got this.

Conclusion to the K1 Visa Petition

You have just spent months waiting and waiting for this one moment in time. Now is your time to shine. You prepared all your documents, with the help of K1 Visa Guru we hope, paid all your fee’s, stressed because you haven’t heard anything for months, and now it is time for the interview.

Remember what this is all about. This whole process is about spending the rest of your life with the one you love in the greatest country in the world The United States of America. The person doing your interview truly has your best interest at heart, and wants you to succeed more than anything. It is on you to prove to them that this is what you want for your future. Be organized, honest, and most of all confident in your responses. You got this! I am confident that you will walk out of the Embassy holding your slip telling you congratulations you have been granted the K1 Visa.

Please leave your comments/questions here at the bottom of the page. We will love to hear your stories or answer your questions.  We would love for you to use the social media buttons to share with your friends or others you think our content will help. Thanks for taking the time to visit our site, we hope our content has helped you. If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover we would love to cover the topic in a future blog post here at K1 Visa Guru.


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May 12, 2020 6:11 pm

It’s a good thing i had the opportunity to stumble on your website as i grabbed some vital take aways from your post. Very informative as this will help a lot people in such situation to understand how humanly the interviewers are as they don’t bite. Thanks for this piece… Read more »

Anthony Hu
Anthony Hu
May 12, 2020 6:23 pm

Thank you for your post. It is useful for anyone who is going to have a K1 visa interview. Last week, one of my friend asked me if I know anything about this, since she will have a interview on K1 visa. I am going to send your article to… Read more »

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John Keldon
John Keldon
May 19, 2020 10:02 pm

The K1 visa is being screen diligently by the government of the U.S. The current administration has made it very difficult for visitors to stay under the K1 visa. They’re goal is to get people who have skills in certain jobs and speak English. It is really a disadvantage for… Read more »